Beacon Ambulance specializes in ground ambulance service for emergency and non-emergency medical transports.

We are a family run business and take great pride in serving people who live in Northern and North Central Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and Minnesota. Services are available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.

Beacon Ambulance arranges and carefully monitors safe and reliable transportation for patients who are in need of basic life support or advanced life support during transport. Patients are accompanied by Registered Paramedics and Nurses in one of our Certified Ambulances, outfitted with all necessary medical equipment.

Wheelchair Service
Our drivers help non-emergency patients who use wheelchairs get to and from clinic appointments, or home after a hospital stay or an emergency room visit.

Scheduled Ambulance Service
Traditionally known as basic life support, this service provides ambulance and stretcher transportation for non-emergency patients who are too sick to ride in a wheelchair. Many are hospice or nursing home patients who are living with chronic illness and need medical personnel to bring them to and from a clinic, hospital, or therapy center.

Trust Beacon Ambulance for all your, or your loved one’s medical transportation needs.  For more information, or to procure ambulance service call:

(715) 561-4140

If you have an emergency and need an ambulance, dial 911.

Join a team of professionals making a difference in the lives of patients every day!

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